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First Clip:
Pete the P.O.'d Postal Worker
Issues 1-5

Artist - Pete Garcia
Writer-Marcus P. Meleton Jr.
If you like Pete the P.O.'d Postal Worker and don't have the benefit of experiencing his early exploits, now is your opportunity. Order your special starter pack. We promise you the full metal jacket impact of Pete. Experience every Uzi-firing, machete swinging, postal adventure as Pete battles pit bulls, aliens, drug dealers, militias, convicts, and his own crazy co-workers in his mission to accomplish 100% on-time deliveries. Not rain, nor snow, nor hail of bullets should keep you from buying this five pack at a 32% discount.
ONLY $10

Second Clip:
Pete the P.O.'d Postal Worker
Issues 6-10

Artist - Pete Garcia
Writer-Marcus P. Meleton Jr.
Break out your Kevlar! You are getting the full metal jacket impact of Pete the P.O.'d Postal Worker, issues 6-10 (First Printings) at a special 33% off discount. That's $14.75 worth of Pete at only $10.00. See Benedict Postman ambush Pete in their first conflict. In Postman on Elm Street, "Freddy's" nightmares are canceling addressees on Pete's route but Freddy must invade Pete's dreams to win. Then there is the unforgettable guest appearance of Pete on the "Jerry Ringer Show." And you can't appreciate the farce of the new millennium without reading Y2K Express. Says Previews Small Press Snapshot, "Imagine Quentin Tarantino directing 'Il Postino.'"
ONLY $10


Pete the P.O.’d Postal Worker:
Collateral Damage – 4 Issues

Special Issue:

War Journal

Pete No. 11
Postal Gang War

Pete No. 12


You are not complete unless you have Issue 11, 12, Afghan War Journal, & Pete’s Christmas Special. That’s because you have not gotten the full twist of your mind that can happen when you obsess on Pete. See him in the Gang Wars with the evil UPS of Issue 11. Enter his dreams if you dare in Issue 12. Then, when Pete meets up with Osama in the Afghan War Journal you almost feel sorry for the cave dweller. Just to lighten it up there is the Christmas Special, hopefully to bring you back to normalcy, get you off the lithium and release you back to society, damaged but minimally functioning.

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