Rabbit is an intrepid adventurer in a mythical land.

Don't miss Rabbit's debut in Issue No. 1, "The Serpent's Agenda."

Part 1: "Welcome to Wherever You Are," in which much is learned about Prometheus' predicament. But we never learn his name.

Story and pencils by David Hedgecock

Art Director
Pete Garcia

Story Editor and Sugar Daddy
Marcus P. Meleton, Jr.

The Serpent's Agenda
Part 2

"Lord, I'm wasted and I can't find my way home."

Prometheus has accidentally killed a huge snake-like creature called a Drake, which happens to be a sacred animal to the city of Sevengates. He was captured shortly thereafter. Hilarity ensues.


Rabbit No. 1

Rabbit No. 2

24 pg, B&W $2.50


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