Pete is a tense little postal worker, totally dedicated to his chosen profession. But he's a little too wound up and packs accessories in his mail bag that are not conducive to peaceful conflict resolution.
   When Pete 'Goes Postal' he's like Forrest Gump on crack. The problem is that Pete falls into situations with bad people who try to obstruct mail delivery. They make him angry, VERY ANGRY. That's when he becomes an unintended angel of death for bad guys.
   Don't make Pete angry. Not rain, nor sleet, not dark of night, not volatile co-workers, nor frisky pit bulls or hail of lead will keep Pete from his appointed rounds.
Pete delivers. He always delivers.
Til' death do us part.






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Afghan War Journal

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A Children's Book for Sick and Twisted Adults

Pete No. 12


Pete No. 11
Postal Gang War

Pete Trade Paperback $12.95
Compilation of issues 1 - 5

Pete No. 10

Y2K Express

Pete No. 9

Too Hot for
Jerry Springer

Pete No. 8

Postman on Elm Street
(Part 2)

Pete No. 7

Postman on Elm Street
(Part 1)

Pete No. 6
Benedict Postman

Pete No. 5
England Vacation

Pete No. 4
Roswell Delivery
(Part 2)

Pete No. 3
Roswell Delivery
Part 1

Pete No. 2
Chained, Sealed
& Delivered

Pete No. 1
Back on the Street



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