Pete #4


Roswell Delivery, Part 2


SPECIAL DELIVERY TO CONAD THE ALIEN: Pete arrives at Roswell, New Mexico for a special delivery to "Conad the Alien." But Pete's delivery goes awry. For one thing, Conad actually exists. For another, Conad has three comrades with him and they've consumed everyone at the location. They scout for a huge armada headed Earth's way, ready to feed on our plentiful planet. Nothing stands in their way but Pete, with his package, a little stow-away girl, her toy poodle and Pete's standard mail bag accessories. Pete and crew are nothing more than a between meal snack for these aliens. Can Pete deliver us from alien evil?


b&w, 32 pg. $2.95.

Sharkbait Press


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Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 413-3052

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